The new term kicked off, for me, on Tuesday the 5th of January; my first time taking part in online learning. At first it seemed all nice and ‘doable’, your teacher talks you through something sets you a task, you get on with it then you talk about it and you do that a couple times and before you know it your lesson is over. It sounds pretty simple right ? Also all of that in the comfort of your own home, forget simple it sounds amazing right ? Well your damn wrong ! Online school is anything but amazing it drains the actual fun out of school, it literally makes not only me but thousands of other pupils despise school because it’s an eye opener as to how boring school actually is. Many of us don’t really realise this when we actually go to school because the social aspect supresses all of this but when that’s removed it’s all just very depressing.


You’d think my slander of online schooling ends there well you’re wrong ! Being the extremely considerate person I am, I try and understand other people’s situations better and to my knowledge there are so many more problems with E-Teaching than it making one feel lazy. Some people aren’t as privileged as others and so their technology may not be the best and that can impact their ability to learn because loads of these apps they want us to use require good internet and an up to date computer/laptop; sorry I didn’t know you had to be wealthy to properly receive education in times like this. That isn’t all ! Going to school a physical building with actual classrooms is so much more than just learning, for some people it gives them a breather from home-life, for others it’s their main source of socialising with other people and that’s very important as we are social beings !


Despite my personal vendetta against online schooling, it is necessary in order to contain this monster of a virus. Remember don’t go out unless you absolutely need to and if you do wear your masks and regularly wash your hands, if we follow these things the quicker this all goes away and the quicker us students can return to school !