Gone are the days which seemed totally normal to every single school pupil aged 11-16/18...Classrooms , busy corridors all seem to be a thing of the past with this new age of online school. But questions arise with everyone , Is online school the new normal?


A year ago people used to hear and read about the few little cases reported in the epicentre of the virus Wuhan,China but with a brush of the shoulder and never paid attention to it . To think a year ahead we are now sitting infront of devices in our rooms everyday to do school would've been a wild thought everyone would have never belived would actually happen! 


However , how benefitial is online school? And how are people finding it?

Well, many people would argue that online school is not something anyone would have asked for and some may say they find it hard to focus due to lack of motivation they pnly find when they're in class. Opinions on online school are flooding social media with many saying it is hard to focus or the fact that they feel like its too repetitive and boring. Many also feel that they're being over whelmed with work load they wouldnt have got normally in person. 


Problems with online school have been highlighted by many suggesting that it may heighten a new type of educational achievement gap already enhancing the one in place. People with more income will likely have space to study as well as an adequate device to work with. What does this mean for less wealthy pupils? The ones who may not have space to study or relied on schools for a place to study in.