We are surrounded by the colour green. This colour is what makes our world beautiful. It’s what makes the world better to live in.

We should all be protecting our world, we only have one earth, as years go by the world becomes more and more corrupt due to pollution and by our trivial actions. This article will provide you information on how our planet is suffering and what we can do in order to make it an eco-friendlier and more beautiful place, so go ahead and read on.

First you should understand how pollution damages the environment and that there are many effects caused by it. For example, it can cause climate change (the temperature of our earth increases), this increase causes ice caps to melt near more colder countries such as Antarctica/leads to the sea level rising to which some countries have to experience floods - flooding causes damage to the land and crops. Pollution also has the ability to damage the earth’s surface due to deterioration of fields which changes affects agriculture and crop cycles (if crop is damaged how would we be able to enjoy fresh export).

Without greenery, our planet would be dull and unpleasing to the eye, so therefore we need to do our best in order to restore our planets colour. Trees are vital for all of us, it gives us oxygen and gives life to the world’s wildlife; if more trees get chopped down it will cause problems for us and wildlife as their habitats will be taken away.

We all should be aware on how any trivial action we take can affect the environment around us, for example: not throwing away your trash in the bin but onto the floor instead. There are many ways we can protect the environment: the main way we can help is by recycling materials which affect the earth like plastic (Did you know it takes 1000 years for plastic to decompose), you can also help by volunteering to clean up in your community and if these don’t interest you, then why not plant a tree.

Take care of the earth while we are still here.