What is procrastination?


First, we obviously have to answer the question, ‘What Is Procrastination?’. This question is especially difficult to answer as I would rather postpone looking up the correct definition and instead carry-on writing while I still have time left; (These deadlines keep creeping up on me.)

Procrastination I know is a massive problem for many students from secondary school right into regular working environments. This… uhhhh. I sort of got distracted and came back to this article about a day later, it is currently 9 in the evening, the 8th of January, I have a couple hours left until this article is due in and need to desperately need to complete it. So here is a segment I call:

A fun fact that I can ramble on about for a while!!!

So, did you know that the Tetris blocks, (those ICONIC characters) all have names? It’s true, they have fun names that represent their shapes, to some degree. We have, Cleveland Z, Rhode Island Z (these are the two z blocks), Hero (this iconic character is the long piece one would achieve Tetris with; quite the hero indeed). Smashboy, the square piece whose name seems to represent the power they can have during a game. Orange Ricky and Blue Ricky are the L pieces (these names are a little far off, but the colours are accurate), and last but not least, Teewee. Teewee is the T-block, the name, to my knowledge, has no meaning to do with it’s shape or role in the game; one can only assume that it was put up to vote and much like the Boaty-Mc-Boatface of legend, and the name was voted for all the way back in 1984.

What a fun article this turned out to be, a shame it couldn’t have been more informative, but this is where you could strive to read more informative articles; may I point you to Shiven Sharma’s new article on “The Death Of Pog” an interesting read which dives into social politics, new tech, and the way the internet effects are lives.