Black history months celebrates and remembers what African-Americans and other black cultures  all over the world achieved as they devoted their lives to Fight for equal racial rights and fighting for freedom. It also celebrates the contributions African-Americans and other black cultures made to our world from fighting for equal rights to making sport communities more equal and recognises the struggles they were faced with to make the world a more equal society. 

Schools all around the world, including my school are celebrating Black history month getting pupils to remember and be educated about those people in the past who did extraordinary things to help build a better, more equal and brighter future for us all. There are thousands of figures being remembered this month including Rosa Parks who fought for racial equal rights and the demolition of racism. She is most famously known as she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man as believed she had the rights to sit down as well. This spread widespread publicity as more people began to fight for equal rights and soon realised the white race wasn’t more superior than the black race and everyone should be represented as equal. Muhammad Ali is also a famous figure being remembered this month as he is famously known as being one of the greatest boxers in history, and as being the first fighter to win the world heavyweight championship on three separate occasions. Through his love for boxing he shared a message of black pride as he proved anyone no matter their race can take part and succeed in sport.

Black history month celebrates every African-American or Black cultured person who helped fight for equal rights in all different sectors of the world. They devoted their lives to demolishing racism and representing all black cultures as equal. The famous figures mentioned and thousands others are all being celebrated and remembered for their great lives they lived. Black history month does not only celebrate and remember all these people who changed the world for the better but also educates younger generations about how the world has changed and educates them how even today they can still make a difference to make our society more equal for all.