Will there be a second lockdown?

The year of 2020 has been incredibly unpredictable, with the global pandemic that has effected people everywhere, and now as cases begin to rise again, a big question in the minds of the nation is if there will be a second lockdown.

The several months of baking and daily walks were enough for any person , but since schools have opened and people have gone back to work, the UK’s daily case count has grown exponentially, with the 22nd September showing 5,391 new positive tests. This is a daunting prospect as the disruption a second wave and resulting lockdown will wreak on the economy and education of students is significant.

As a student myself, who has just stared A-Levels and a new sixth form, the thought of having to switch back to online learning is disconcerting, but I think that a second lockdown is unavoidable.

From what I have seen, all fear of the coronavirus appears to have gone out the window. People are packed onto public transport, socialising in big groups and mixing households. Many are forgetting to wear masks and seem generally ignorant of the continued crisis. However, the blame cannot be placed on the public alone, as the Governments delayed responses have not done much to stop the virus’ growth, either in March or now with this second spike. The preparation for September’s emergence back to school/work were (evidently) inadequate. These new measures presented by the PM last Tuesday seem to be a half-hearted response, as businesses that have suffered from the economic recession are desperate to stay open for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

It is unclear what the next steps to halt Covid-19 will be, but many wait with anticipation as new information is disclosed daily.