Some people believe London to be a welcoming city. However, with all its obvious greatness London could be argued to have become a hive for selfishness, as well as clearly reaching a point where capitalism has become very powerful. 


Firstly, the Government seems more interested in investing in big businesses rather than investing in public spaces for the homeless who roam the streets looking for shelter. There is no doubt that London is an ideal city for wealth, creation and the growth of businesses, and yet one must only leave their house to witness the depressing outcome of obsessive profit making, ignorance and selfishness of not only the Government but that of the capitalists as well. As a result of the blind pursuit of wealth, creation and self-entitlement, there is a distinctive separation between the rich and the poor. In simple terms, the rich are able to thrive in London while the poor struggle to find basic necessities and simple shelter.  


Furthermore, in many cases those who are homeless suffer from multiple drug addictions and the reality is that they are segregated, and to many this goes unnoticed. Moreover, to some people drug addiction becomes their way of life and eventually the source of their suffering. Thus, London's selfishness and myopia has often resulted in the neglect of the homeless, due to the ignorance of the Government when it comes to building happy, positive communities and rehabilitation centers.  


Overall, it’s important for us to support charities around the UK who put all their effort and time in helping those who are more vulnerable and those who don’t have a safe place to sleep. We should also encourage the Government to focus more time on getting the homeless off the streets. 


Maia Thabet