In 1990 there were 250 pink dolphins in Hong Kong, now there are only 36. 

Fact file

  • The uniquely coloured dolphins aren't really pink, it's simply a loss of pigmentation in their skin due to living in murky waters with a lack of sunlight. Their cotton candy semblance is really from warm blood traveling through vessels close to the skin's surface. 
  • The dolphins are in fact born grey, and despite being famous for their pinkness, can range in colour and change in colour over their lifespan. 
  • They can grow up to 3 meters
  • They can live up to 40 years 


What is causing the dolphins rapid decline? 

The main issue is the vast amount of rubbish being dumped into the sea, causing a lot of water pollution and creating a dangerous and unhealthy environment for the dolphins and other wildlife. As well as this, marine traffic, fishing and coastal developments and reclamations also cause major problems.  


How can we help them? 

The situation isn’t looking good for Hong Kong’s pink dolphins at the moment, however the good news is that the importance of keeping them alive isn’t going unnoticed, and there are a number of organisations focused on saving these beautiful creatures - 

  • WWF Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society

As well as this, raising awareness across social media can also bring a positive impact. The more awareness the better! Together we can all come together to save the pink dolphin and provide them with a better future!