About the Coronavirus

  There are 273 cases of Covid-19 in the UK up to now. Some of the pupils in Royal Russell School who are from the other countries except the UK had decided to go back home to stay with there families.

 Covid-19 is a new illness caused by coronavirus that could affect your lungs and airways. 

  Symptoms of coronavirus:

— Coughing

— High Temperature

— Shortness of breath

— Feeble

Some of the cases also included symptoms such as:

— A running nose

— Diarrheas

— Pharyngalgia

How does it spread?

— Via droplets

— By touching

— Via aerosols

Ways to avoid being infected by it:

— Wearing face masks

— Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds for each time especially before eating or after going back home from the outside.

— Avoid by staying in areas that are crowded.

Hope the coronavirus will pass soon.

8th March 2020