I’m sure that many of us have come across someone who still believes that global warming doesn’t exist, even though over the last 100 years there have been multiple claims of endangered species around the world: the most notable case happened as a result of the forest fires in Australia. Monkeys, kangaroos and koalas were only some of the animals which faced the effects of global warming.


I’m sure that it would be difficult to imagine what it would feel like to have fur being burned off live animals, however this was the unfortunate reality for many animals in Australia. Not only has their physical appearance been altered, but their habitats have also been destroyed by these forest fires, which have undoubtedly been caused by the ignorance of some humans. Although some government officials continue to reject claims that prove humans are the main contributors to global warming, many people such as Sir David Attenborough have come forward with proof and reliable evidence which proves that there is such thing as global warming and it will soon affect all of us, not just wildlife, as it is already beginning to do. 


Furthermore, it would simply be incorrect to say that there is no such thing as global warming. For many humans and animals global warming has been the central and main cause of suffering and this should be acknowledged by everyone. For some, it would be easy to continue ignoring the deadly effects of global warming, however, if nothing is done to reduce its impacts now, it will end up affecting the whole world and everyone in it. I therefore urge those who still reject all this evidence for global warming, to think deeply about the world around them and what they wish to leave for our future generations. 

Maia Thabet