It is finally getting to that time of the year where excited year 11’s start to prepare for the end of their school year and life after GCSE’s, and this includes arguably the most thrilling event: Prom. However, is it as thrilling as it used to be?

As many would probably already know, Prom is a grand tradition creating the opportunity for the year 11 class to have one final celebration together, before leaving to go their separate ways for sixth form. It is supposed to be a delighted party for friends to have fun and enjoy the night together, creating a forever lasting memory of the special night and seeing all their classmates dressed up. However, has this focus on amusement and elation got lost over the years?

Most people going to Prom want to feel and look special for the exciting night ahead, finding their perfect dress or suit, and getting glammed up. However, as the years go on, the standard of glamour has rapidly increased. People trying to present themselves as near perfect has created a huge Prom industry, with specialized shops for the occasion and dresses costing over £300. In addition to this, there are now options to get your dresses altered to achieve an impeccable fitting, costing anywhere from £15 to £200. As well as this, there are firm expectations and desires to get hair and makeup professionally done, with all of the money constantly adding up. Hundreds of pounds is not a surprising price for Prom, however, is this all too much for just a school party.

Prom is meant to be a night of memoires and happiness, but at what expense? Spending ridiculous money to just try and meet the aspirations of beauty, and causing and underlying competition between classmates of who looks the best and who didn’t make an effort. Can all this take away from the true meaning of Prom? Some people find the process leading up to it exciting and enjoyable as well, but for others it can be just another burden and a just another stressful task to get done. The idea of Prom is a stress-free, entertaining night to make everyone there feel special and enthusiastic in their own way, with no worry of anything else like prices and expectations. So surely we should focus on making memories and appreciating our last moments as a full year group, rather than concerning ourselves with additional worries, and just feel free.

By Ellie Baker