Combat Stress is a charity aimed to provide support for veterans’ mental health, however the charity have hit a funding crisis. This crisis has resulted in the charity not being able to take any new cases in both England and Wales. Combat Stress has fallen from £16 million to £10 million due to the cuts in NHS funding support. Combat Stress say that 90% of its income is dependent on public donations after the cuts were made. he charity had been receiving around 2,000 referrals for treatment per year, but this has significantly decreased since the cuts were made. Charities such as Combat Stress have helped more than 10,000 veterans.

Combat stress aim to help former servicemen and women dealing with issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. They provide treatment and support for veterans to given them hope.

The NHS stated, "number one priority is providing the best care for veterans", although this leaves the public questioning if the NHS are really doing enough to help veterans in need of support from mental health charities.

It is stated that soldiers have been ‘failed by the lack of mental health care’ and a veteran stated they ‘feel abandoned by the Army’. It is truly devastating to hear that veterans state they feel they feel abandoned by the Army especially after they have put their life at risk for their country and they are provided with little support to deal with the psychological effects of war.