In recent months, residents of Wimbledon have experienced an increasing number of stolen parcels.

Residents have consistently reported an individual stealing parcels from their doorsteps. The neighbours gave detailed description of a dishevelled man in his mid-thirties as the perpetrator.  When parcels were left on the front doorstep for neighbours to collect, the suspect would appear and casually walk by, picking up the parcel as if it was his own.

One diligent neighbour carefully preserved valuable CCTV footage that snapped the alleged fellow walking off with his ill-gotten booty . . . an Amazon parcel.  He was wearing a black knit cap, a denim Tommy Hilfiger jacket, grey tracksuit bottoms and a pair of black Nike trainers. He walked up to the door and his sticky-fingers grabbed the package.

On another occasion, Royal Mail had left a parcel on this resident’s doorstep with a “Something for you” card attached to it. Unfortunately, the parcel had disappeared by the time the resident came to collect it.

A resident has described a time she managed to thwart a theft. She saw a man enter her front garden then “bend down to pick something up”. She then yanked her front door open, making the man “run off”, leaving her parcel on top of a bike shed. Suspiciously, the fellow was carrying a blue IKEA bag with several brooms.

There have been multiple other reports in which residents have described their parcels being “rummaged through” and “damaged” then left on the front step. Thankfully, residents have been reporting these incidents to the police, however this is still a growing concern amongst neighbours.  The Police advises vigilance.