New Year's resolutions origin to 'The ancient Babylonians' 4000 years ago.

New year's resolutions are every year trial to improve our lifestyle ranging from working out in the gym every week, starting a new diet like vegan or vegetarian, speaking to friends from their old school. A new year is an amazing opportunity to start fresh habits and completely avoid Friday cheat days where you allow yourself to eat chocolate, or reaching for a meaty hamburger the ONE time you forgot your special vegan sandwich and explain to yourself that January was just a trial month. 

Some of Ursuline High School students resolutions are, "being pescetarian as climate change is a big topic now, especially the impact is clear in the Australia where  animals are getting hurt, I want to do my part to reduce climate change. I can do this by reducing my red meat intake due to cows producing carbon dioxide emissions as well as having beneficial long-term effects for my health," said Christina Sivakumaran.

While others have a different approach, Isabelle Bebbington states that her new year's resolution is to "visit her grandparents more often, as they live far away from her in order to participate in more activities with them and pursuing some common interests." 

New Year's Resolutions are just a very helpful way to give people a chance to restart and work on themselves on improving their habits, lifestyles and aspects of their work or social lives. 

On the other hand, many people do not feel the necessity to create a new years resolution as they are aware that it is impossible to go to the gym every other day for the whole year, or to avoid chocolate until next year. Many people also use January as a trial month and actually start their new year's resolutions in February as a form of a 'second chance'.


We wish our readers a wonderful new year and wish them luck on the continuation of their new year's resolution and extra strength to not stop off in any unhealthy fast-food places if they are concentrating on a good diet.



Karolina Jagodzinska, Ursuline High School Wimbledon