Technology has become the enemy when it comes to parenting in recent years. With an incredible surge in technology most parents are unaware of dangers their children may face. The dark side of the internet ranges from simple things like social media to the more complex like pornography. Age 10 was when I was given my own phone that I could keep on my person full time. Although it was a simple Samsung it provided me with lots of independence. Looking back on that time I feel having a phone at such a young age led to secrecy and an unnecessary need to grow up faster. It has become interesting watching cousins aged 8-11 beg for phones every Christmas or birthday. There has been an increase in younger children having phones which only exposes them to things such as porn, illegal websites and age inappropriate movies. Most parents are unaware of their underage children signing up to apps like snapchat and Instagram which have an age requirement of about 13+. Despite things such as parental lock and safety surfs children are growing up in a society where from toddler ages, they’re using mobile devices and can therefore get rid of such protection. Mrs Yamimn has three children all under the ages of 8 and at 6 years old her son has already started asking for a phone. She briefly quoted ‘My children will be given a phone when they’re mature enough to understand the good and bad sides of the internet’. The internet and phones are amazing, but they have their downfalls which is why I wish every parent regularly checks their child’s phone and before giving them one understands how to keep their child protected online. Many websites can help with making parental locks and restrictions for your child online. Shardae Larmond