Safe Drive Stay Alive is a campaign in Surrey. It presents a series of live performances with videos and people giving first-hand stories on the impact which car accidents have had either for them or their family and friends. The aim is to raise awareness to young people around the ages of 16-18 about their responsibilities as drivers whilst travelling and to positively influence their attitudes to driving.

The emotional and sensitive experiences within the performance are presented by people who recall their stories, stories which are often serious and show to have long term effects on those close to the victim such as family and friends.

The audience is told about accidents which involve road traffic collisions with people such as nurses, paramedics and sometimes the victims of the accident sharing what they have experienced since being involved in the accident where they express the impact this has had on them personally and professionally, whilst also covering negative outcomes of the tragedies they have witnessed.  

These real stories often engage the audience emotionally as they reflect on their responsibilities when driving and negative outcomes they may face if they do not abide by the laws of driving. I interviewed students that attended this performance and they commented on what they thought about it and the message they received from the performance. Many students said that the performance was useful as it informs people about the dangers of not paying attention whilst driving and also highlights the effect of not driving safely, as it would affect them as well as other people too. Students commented on the fact that many of the videos shown where very graphic in terms of trying to get a message across however overall the performance was entertaining and interactive and this helped get the message across accurately.