For many years local residents of Ealing have long been awaiting for their beloved cinema to be rebuilt to all it's glory. The frustration that has filled the town is noticable as it has been a whole decade since a cinema has touched Ealing as the original cinema was demolished several years ago. 

The cinema originally called 'The Forum Cinema' was built in 1934 and housed 3 screens all together. It was a well known cinema to all which projected first run films to the public for many years. However the cinema was knocked down in 2009 and the original facade of the building was held up by scaffolding for a number of years which drew an unpleasant shadow on our small town. Now in place of the cinema new buildings and flats are due to be debuted alongside the cinema which will be completed in the coming years.

When the news that the iconic cinema, that brought nostalgia to numerous people many years ago, struck the town pools of excitement and euphoria crowded the streets. Nonetheless since that announcement broke out some time ago the residents of the town begin to grow impatient as the wait for their esteemed cinema to be restored again had now began.

Kateleigh Tome