Half Alive lit up Brixton Electric on November 12th with their awe-inspiring concert part of the Now, Not Yet tour following the release of their debut album.  

The night was kicked off by the support APRE who hyped up the crowd with their captivating and flamboyant stage presence. The boys were definitely a fitting introduction to the main event and despite apparently forgetting their remote to light up a sign, which gave the crowd a little giggle, created an interesting and enjoyable performance to not only listen to but also to watch, which is a key part of the concert as a whole. 

With the crowed now anticipating the band’s performance even more, the show started with the performance of ‘ok ok?’, which also opens their album titled Now, Not Yet, with a simplistic yet mesmerizing set up consisting of only the band, a torch and a projector. And despite the slight technical issue with the mic at the beginning, the intro as basic as it appears in written words was anything but, with movement being a key part of the performance for not only that song, but for the entire concert. 

Choreography and lighting played a major part in making the show what it was; with dancers accompanying the vocalist, Josh Taylor, in most of the songs adding a whole new level to the visuals already created through the light board which displayed images and colours fitting the songs being played. And it wasn’t just the performers who had to sing and dance. There were many of opportunities for fans to join in, with harmonies before ‘The Fall’ and learning some hand gestures for ‘Rest’, the song with the special surprise for London of Samm Henshaw joining the band on stage to sing his verse of the song.  

Getting to the venue a few hours earlier than the doors opening was made worth it with a view right at the front at the barrier making the experience just that much more special. With a full, upclose view on all the action the atmosphere was just so much more intense than any other concert I’ve attended. Chloe Murphey, who also got a place at the barrier, said that “words can’t describe just how good the concert was. They were so much better than good really”  

The band ended the concert with their song ‘Creature’ and no other song could have closed the show any better. With its use of harmonies, rounds of the lines and the use of glowing balls, a perfect mix of pleasing audio and visuals. At the end of the song the lights dimmed and Josh stands in the centre holding the glowing ball which fades to orange matching the album art. Even the memory of it can give you chills and that is how you successfully entertain a crowd. 

Jessica Grrant