Spectacular cars from the end of the 19th century hit our streets for the fascinating yearly London To Brighton event which has taken place every first Sunday in November since 1896! On November the third 2019 thousands gathered round at several places on the route to watch the astounding history drive past on its way to Brighton from London travelling 60 miles! This has been known as the most atmospheric event in the world of old-timers and is considered as the most beautiful retro car rally in the world. Hundreds travel miles in order to see the unusual, old cars that are rare and can’t be seen anywhere else and have been kept in a extremely amazing condition considering some are up to 300 years old!

In addition, to spotting the old, unique, retro cars the participants of the race should be dressed in clothes appropriate to the period of when their cars were made. The variety of cars and costumes was unbelievable from bentleys to old minis to old suits to old fur hats! This adds extra charm and enjoyment to the extremely popular event. As tradition the participants of the ‘Veterans rally’ are nominated from the London’s Hyde park at Dawn. The participants usually have been passed down several generations as a family tradition to take part in this exciting event! 

The event was full of cheering, smiles everywhere, excitement, young and old generations,  eating, families and even some animals came along to watch the spectacular show! The huge amount of cars that took part was far from disappointing and was extraordinary and one of the most successful events of the kind their has ever been. All along the route people stood smiling and waving as the huge history drove past with smiles painted on their faces.  Anna who lives in South Croydon off Brighton road says “ it was extraordinary and very exciting. I have been going for over 30 years but was the first time my children went and they loved it. Will defiantly return!” Simon from Brighton also says “I loved it and can’t wait to return! I have been going since I was 3 or 4 and every year it has been better than the last. Amazing!” The event was a huge success and shall return next year hoping to be even better and exciting which is likely be hard compared to the huge success of this year!