The Young Reporters Scheme;

Put together by the surrey Comet, the Young Reporters scheme has given aspiring young writers and journalists a platform to express themselves and show off their journalistic instincts, as well as make a name of themselves within the publishing and editorial industry. Starting in September, those taking part in the programme publish eight articles throughout the course of eight months and have free reign over the topics they choose to write and the style they wish to present their article. They are given an opportunity to express their individuality and unique writing style and that is imperative in the development of their person writing idiolect. The deadline format also helps develop time management or if this failed, working under pressure.

Throughout the programme the participants are assigned a mentor to turn to if unsure or in need of guidance. The assigned mentor will send out reminders for deadlines, send out article ideas and events that will add to our experience as a result of the programme.

Towards the end of the programme the young writers are offered the opportunity to enter competitions and this whole programme adds a lot of value to the CV’s and personal statements of those who chose to take part as a letter of recognition is provided by the end and a certificate is presented to the winners of the end of year competitions . The entire programme provides a major advantage over those who didn’t have a chance to take part. As a result of the increasingly competitive world of journalism, I would encourage any aspiring writer to take part in the scheme as its value cannot be overstated and I would like to personally thank the Surrey Comet for letting me take part and Diana Jarvis for being my assigned mentor.