“Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes and landslides – we see more and more reports of environmental disasters affecting the world and its people everyday”

Imagine this: you’re looking forward to arrive home after a log day at work. Excited, you can’t wait to enter the warmth and comfort of your own home. But as you drive through your neighbourhood, you notice something horrific.


Your home has been destroyed by a vicious earthquake and, dangerous and deadly, it has ripped your home to shreds. Your teeth are shattering. Your lips are quivering. Depressingly, you approach your broken coffee table to see pictures of your family. Where are they? Are they safe? Are they alive?

Our earth is sick and with every cough and sneeze comes hundreds of pounds worth of destruction all around the world with too many deaths to count. Are people’s lives devastated by these events because of OUR choices?


Cynically, you may suggest that hegemonic irresponsible teenagers cause the issue. Not thinking about our planet as they throw plastic in the rubbish instead of recycling. But, forgive me if I seem harsh, its every single one of s that causes the issue. We are ALL contagious with the disease of climate change as we spread it to the earth causing incomprehensible disasters every day. Every single one of us, including me and you. We are all the fundamental nadir of the world today, so don’t pass the blame on other people. Can we – as responsible people- accept that?

To put it simply - no.

Axiomatically, as more and more of these disasters happen per year, the consequences become more deadly. In 2015, Robyn Dixon at Cambridge University suggested in her study about natural disasters a horrifying statistics. The fait acompli says that by 2050, the amount of natrual disasters will increase by 153%. This is because of us. All of us. I challenge you to do this – ask yourself where you want to be in 2050.

Will natural disasters actually leave you alone and forgotten?