Breaking News: Snow is Coming As we all know the English weather can be a bit unforgiving at times with the brutal strong winds and the rain pinching at your skin, but this year the weather seems to be getting colder as the year goes on, with it being the end of January compared to December this year January has been on average colder and the lowest temperature coming in January.

England’s winter of recent has generally been a casual bit of snow a few inches off the ground. And in the next few months it would be just be a brisk few weeks which we all wish we could forget. However, this year has been a different story with yellow warning signs popping up everywhere, meaning heavy rain or snow is expected. For example, the next 3 days in London are expected to have possible snow showers. It has also already been snowing in January a couple of times.

In the next month, February, it seems to be the same story as January with a maximum temperature of 7 degrees, like January. So, wrap up tight and make sure to keep your anti-freeze out so you can not be under so much stress in the morning to make work/school on time.