Recently we have seen that as our climate temperature decreases so does the hours of sunlight we have. This means that when waking up on a cold wintery morning chances are that the sky remains pitch black and that moon is still out. Also meaning that in the afternoon at around 4 pm the sun starts to disappear and the sky turns black. Although at first the sky may seem to being slowly going slightly grey within the next few minutes of being occupied and then turning back you suddenly realise that the sky once again is pitch black. 

This means that when us students leave to go to school and get back from school it is pretty much dark outside. The scientific reasoning for as to why during the winter period there is less sunlight is because during the winter period the days are shorter compared to the days in summer. Also, because during the summer the earth is tilted towards the sun providing us with longer days, whereas during the winter the earth points away from the sun therefore resulting is less hours of sunlight as well as shorter days.

However I am one of those people who enjoy the early darkness outside but definitely not the astoundingly cold weather. for those who absolutely despise the coldness and the darkness hope that the summer comes fast and swifly, bringing more warmth and sunlight.

Josephine Felix