Isleworth station in West London had been taped off by police for two days following reports of a shooting in the area on 17th December at around 3pm.

As a small town rarely faced with crime, reports of a shooting in Isleworth had come as a surprise to local residents as it is widely known for its family-friendly, safe and quiet atmosphere, demonstrated by the high supply of schools and families residing in the area.

As the station is a vital transport hub for school children in the local area, the afternoon of the 17th to the 18th of December posed a nightmare to commuters, as the closure of the station meant that no trains ran through the station for almost 24 hours. Upon seeing all entrances taped off and little information being shared, many members of the public took to social media to speculate about the events, followed by the British Transport Police releasing a statement appealing for witnesses after a what they called a ‘firearms incident’.

A student at a local school, Angelle Dyges, saw ‘a few police cars and a police van...they were questioning a woman and a little girl [on what they had seen] and the surrounding area was beginning to be taped off.’

The Evening Standard reported that two groups of young boys had gathered outside the station in ‘vehicles’ due to involvement in a confrontation, as one group fired prompting the other ‘drove away’. It was also reported that in the hours following the incident a knife was discovered nearby the scene.

There has been no update on any arrests or suspects since the incident.