Coming from the gaming world, a world so very close to our own, ‘Wreck It Ralph’ stormed the UK box office in February 2013, working its way past movies such as ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ and ‘Mama’ and claiming its crown during its third week post-release. Five years on, the globally recognised wrecker made his way back to the screen for another adventure. But was this addition to the tale successful?

As we know from the previous movie, Ralph began as a hated enemy due to his role as a villain in the ‘Fix It Felix’ video game but encounters a young girl, Venellope von Schweetz, from another game, ‘Sugar Rush’, on his way to winning a medal, and ends up, eventually, victorious, and a friend rather than a villain.

The sequel, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’, features the characters in the arcade being introduced to the internet, and includes the mention of many big-name brands, such as Amazon, Ebay, YouTube and Disney. The characters’ travel around the internet and encounter various games, hackers, dodgy deals and brilliant opportunities.

This clearly shows that the characters went on quite an adventure during the movie, and the money speaks for itself. Whilst ‘Wreck It Ralph’ surpassed the rest in the UK box office with earnings of £3.4m, but this sequel, although the total earnings are not yet known, topped ‘Creed II’ and is said to compete with ‘The Grinch’ as well.

On a whole, ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is an invigorating family movie with a moving moral hiding behind the curtain and an entire world of ideas. It is also a movie which we can watch and then use to reflect on our own lives, how we use the internet, and its effect on us.