Imber Court fireworks celebrated 50 years of fun this year and thousands of people turned up to marvel at the annual display. As we all know Bonfire Night is celebrated every year on the 5th of November and marks the discovery of a plot by Guy Fawkes and his accomplices to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605. The event at Imber Court was bustling with life - food stalls, games, and fair ground rides could be enjoyed and all at a reasonable price. Local boy Jack Bennett who attends the event every year described it as ‘one of the best displays yet, it has really topped off the 50 years in spectacular fashion’. Talented Rhianna tribute act  ‘Leonie Voss’ was deemed a great success and her voice and onstage performance entertained the crowds before the countdown to the start of the fireworks - she got the audience involved and up on stage for a family friendly dance off which was loved by all. With tension and excitement building the spectacle began and hundreds of pounds of fireworks flew into the sky painting a colourful and dramatic magical display. Rockets and whizz-bangs soared with a well chosen musical accompaniment to add to the atmosphere.

It was evident that their health and safety precautions have improved due to the noticeable increase in distance from the bonfire to the standing audience. One local commented ‘I distinctly remember feeling the heat on my face in previous years, it’s good to know that the organisers take health and safety issues seriously’.