Social media can certainly be dangerous, but only if it used wrongly.

On the one hand, there are people out on the internet who are dangerous to many teenagers that use the platforms, but there is also the problem of social media addiction. As a teenager, it is plain to see that too much exposure to social media is dangerous to mental health. The only things they see are the best side of everyone, without the face behind the mask. This means for some, a perception is created of inferiority to others and can severely damage mental health to those who use the sites too much. As teenagers are the main users of social medias, and with the addition of huge amounts of stress put on them from exams and growing up in general, these mental health problems are only exacerbated online. 

However, this doesn't mean social media is a bad thing. Whilst there is no doubt that some parts to it and abuse of it can only lead to worse things along the road, this doesn't mean we should be rushing to ban it all and hide the children from the internet's dangers. Not only does it bring friends together  and allows them to easier communicate with each other but it also creates new friends, or meeting people you used to know yet haven't spoken to in years. You can see what friends are up to and talk to them easily. It makes life far easier for many users and its clear popularity is in no small way owed to that. 

In conclusion, social media is obviously dangerous, as with many others, if used too frequently however fulfils its function perfectly by bringing friends together.