Crime has impacted everyone whether this having a wallet, smartphone or bike stolen. Or having friends and family being directly impacted by crime.

By looking at the latest crime statistics as seen in graph one there are two identifiable trends: One is the reduced amount of anti-social social behaviour (ASB) in recent years and the second trend is the significant increase in violent crime in recent years, almost overtaking ASB.

The first trend does not match the overall trend in England for ASB; as it tends to be increasing somewhat rapidly across the country. One factor in this reduction could be attributed to more people staying at home instead of going out in public – where most of this behaviour is exhibited. This is because more and more people tend to stay at home and watch television or play on games consoles. Although, it is likely ASB will continue to decline. This is because the new minimum alcohol price is under consideration again after being rejected five years ago. This new minimum alcohol price will mean that it will be there must be a minimum of 50p per unit of alcohol in the beverage. If this is implemented there will be fewer people drinking alcohol and there are strong links between alcohol consumption and anti-social behaviour.

The second trend can largely be attributed from the numerous police budget cuts from over the years. In 2010/2011 year the total police spending was £13.8 billion across the country. However, in 2014/2015 year the total police spending was £11.8 billion, a 14.5% decrease in spending. This decreased spending from Austerity not only increases crime but causes unemployment.

Overall, I believe the government need to prevent any further spending reductions within police budgets to keep citizens safe and reduce any further increases in crime, especially violent crime.