A hidden treasure buried in the depths of London lies a fashionista's dream, a vintage fair. In Freemason's hall, Convent garden, you'll get lost in the beautiful labyrinth of coloured, garnished, dazzling clothes placed tactically to draw you into a hoarders dream. Gold designer Jewelry lies carefully placed so that it sparkles in every direction, a calculated idea to entice you to buy as much as humanly possible. 

With clothes from every era there are clothes to suit every individual's style, but what makes this vintage fair unique to all the others, the community. The stall owners are all vintage junkies always looking for a new piece and so are happy to help with any queries or doubts you might be having about new potential investments. 

This vintage fair promoted high-quality designer pieces as well as a range of individual beauties collected from all around the globe. One woman informed me of her regular travels to LA in search for new pieces as they have an endless supply of vintage shops on their doorstep. She had traveled to vintage fairs in Paris and had searched through buckets as well as attending high-end fashion shows. With every new item, she bought she would adapt it slightly, not to update it but to create a masterpiece, something someone could strut out of the house in. Her adventures were that of legends and I slowly began to ponder the thought of becoming a vintage fashion buyer and entering into a new community of those who share a common love. The profession of a vintage buyer is so niche that some may not even ponder the idea of becoming one at all but the job encompasses the dreams of so many, fashion, design, travel and you are welcomed into a new community.