The picture above, shows the police van that has been hired by Blackhills, in Esher. Blackhills is a private road linked to the road Meadway, another private road. A few weeks ago one of the houses in Blackhills was robbed, which was not the only threat on this area. Blackhills has had many different robberies in the past, which have been car theft and house robberies.

The road has funded a personal dog section, who comes and patrols the road several times a day, checking for any suspicious activity. The dog section has two people with two dogs who will patrol the road for a given hour. The road has a trial for a few months to see if the service is useful. It is speculated that Blackhills will continue to use the service as safety is becoming a big problem and many of the residence are worried for their properties.

The company of the van shown in the picture does visits to many different roads who have hired them as the only active mean of defence. The service offered is highly liked, as it assures the safety of residence by a dog, trained for one specific job, which means that the dog is able to scent out any culprits from a very long distance.

As well as this service, residence have been asked to add lighting to the front of their house and keep it on throughout the night. The residence of the neighbouring road, Meadway, are very worried about their properties, as they share the same ‘backyard’, which is Claremont Gardens (the suspected entry point for robbers). So they might soon be asking for the private dog section service on their road.