Over the weekend, I took a walk at Langley Vale’s First World War Centenary Wood. With a stunning, picturesque view of the North Downs, this was a memorable place to walk especially with the meaning behind what they have done with this woodland area. The area has been transformed into both a ‘natural haven’ and a ‘living memorial’ to the honourable people who sacrificed their lives in the First World War.

Langley Vale has a lot of relevance with the War as it was here that a base for military exercises, training of soldiers and a gas training school was based. Walking around there were many posts explaining what went on in the exact spot I stood. I felt it was very important to know about my local areas heritage and history, just in time for the remembrance of 100 years since World War One broke out and I was very touched by the moving and fascinating stories I read.

I walked the Langley Vale Wood remembrance trail, this is a 3.8km self-guided, commemorative circuit. The trail is open from the 4-30th November, it is great for dog walks and allows you to learn about the fascinating role Langley Vale Wood played in preparing troops for battle and how the local community all came together to contribute towards the war effort.

Another great element of this area is Sainsbury’s Orchard which is currently blossoming. This Orchard hosted 143 apple, pear, cherry, and plum trees which were all planted in 2017 by volunteers. Once grown, these fruits will be available for members of the public to help themselves to. I thought this was a lovely idea in not only helping the environment but in encouraging community cohesion and spirit.