Last week, the 21st of November on 2017, the community of Notre Dame, together with our communities around the world, gathered to celebrate the Feast Day of the Presentation of Our Lady in the Temple. The most inspiring mass and lunch was involved, and every single student had their own badges to celebrate this grateful day.

The most important part of this day was school mass. Every prep and senior girls were joined and shared our enjoyment with one and another. Some of the 6th form and senior students were actually involved of reading a part of the bible and helped bishop throughout the mass. Moreover, we sang a hymn with prep, senior and stuff chorus, and truly commemorate our anniversary.

After finishing the mass, we had feast day lunch. It was nicely provided and gave us lots of fun, also really tasty as well. Not only the students but also the teachers had enjoyed this great opportunity. I personally liked the cup cake with edible paper of Notre dame 80th anniversary logo that our Art teacher designed.

In addition, a commemorative Oak tree was planted to mark the 80th year with prep girls. Also, they designed a special 80th birthday advert which displayed in various publication in the school.

Lots of variation happened on this feast day, and all of these performances were “thoroughly enjoyed by all.”

Hana Chae Notre Dame Senior School