This month has seen many incredibly games of rugby played at Twickenham stadium by the amazing England team. With 3 wins in 3 games for these incredible players, this month has truly been a special one. Many fans have brought tickets to support their team in their reign of success, however this isn’t all that they’ve been up to.

Supporters have made fortunes by taking full advantage of the cup collecting system also known as the ‘fan cup’ This was introduced three seasons ago to encourage recycling (as the cups are strong enough to be reused), reduce cleaning fees (as money is saved) and create a cleaner more hygienic environment at the stadium. But how is this system beneficial for the company if they’re paying supporters to return their cups? Well, when the first drink is purchased an additional £1 is added to the price, furthermore 140, 000 pints are sold and it is very likely some of these won’t be returned; finally many people choose to keep their cups as souvenirs, so if you take this all into consideration- you soon discover very little money is lost, if anything a profit is made.

This is also the case for Seb, a 12 year old rugby fan. He attended the England, Argentina match and collected 73 cups- making £73 in profit for him to share with friends. Seb was going to: “save his money and add to his earnings at future games.” This seemed a very wise thing to do