Is it a Novelty or a Tradition? 

For hundreds of years people have celebrated Christmas, whether this is because of your religion or because it is the one day where all the family get together to make and share new memories. Christmas is a time of happiness and joy all around the world. 

Every year people put up Christmas trees and lights to really bring the festive atmosphere into streets and towns. However, this year seems to be different. I happen to live in Teddington and in my local area they seem to be having the annual lights up from each town much earlier than previous years. 

Everyone puts their decorations and Christmas trees up and different points. Some put them up on December the first. Others put them up twelve days before Christmas and other simply put them up when they have a couple of hours to spare and are feeling in the festive mood. 

However, since when do we put our decorations up during mid-November nearly a month before Christmas is due. Yes, your Christmas tree looks incredible with its designer baubles and tinsel but are we forgetting what Christmas is all about. 

Christmas is about being with the people you love and care for and being grateful for the things you already have. It's all about giving and perhaps getting as well, sometimes. Maybe even the occasional chocolate or two. Christmas is not about being the first to get your decorations up. Christmas is not about flashing your expensive lights and gadgets. 

Finally, if we are celebrating Christmas in November why not celebrate it in late January also. Well, because Christmas is over and we got the presents we want and that is that. We are now counting the days to the next event where we will perhaps gain more gifts. 

This year take Christmas as we go. Don’t jump into it before its even started. Enjoy the time while we have this wonderful festive time of year and celebrate with your family the happiness the year has had. 

By Bethan Sturdy-Waldegrave School for girls