As a teenager, navigating your way through life can seem daunting. We are faced with the pressures of selection, having to make important decisions that determine our futures. 

As someone who holds an interest of the legal sector, I am eager to gain further knowledge about the area to aid in journey towards future career prospects. When I was approached with the prospect of attending a ‘Young Lawyers Program’ organised by ‘InvestIn Education’, I was eager to sign up.

Held at UCL, the program lasted from 10am - 6pm, creating a tailored program which explains in depth the sectors of the field in an engaging manner, with the aim of exposing the next generation to the opportunities that are available to them.

Along with over a hundred other 15 - 18 year olds, I attended the event, which was an extremely valuable use of my time.

Experienced barristers and solicitors from different fields explained in depth their areas of expertise, going step by step through case studies with the audience to build a greater understanding of the skills required in the legal sector.

To close the event, which was structured to mirror a day of work, a Q&A panel was staged, and for an hour, attendees were given the freedom to ask a law related question, which was answered to the fullest extent possible. 

Your attendance can be referenced on your UCAS personal statement as an example of an area in which your gain key skills such as public speaking, problem solving and commercial awareness.

To anyone who is considering pursuing a career in the legal department, I would recommend signing up for this event, as not only does in give developed insight into the world of work, but acts as an opportunity to socialise with other adolescents that hold similar interests. 

The link to enroll for the 2018 edition of the course will be posted below: