Over the last year, terrorism has become an increasingly bigger part of our daily lives, with the UK terror threat returning to critical status twice this year already (a status which it had never actually attained before). The terror attacks that caused this critical status have become a large part of our lives, with Londoners specifically, but not solely, targeted. In 2017 alone, we have faced the Westminster attack – 22nd March, Manchester Arena Bombing – 22nd May, London Bridge attack – 3rd June, and the Finsbury Park Mosque Attack – 19th June, as well as many others.
The madness from our most recent Black Friday is proof enough of how unnerved we all are due to these attacks. On the 24th November, Londoners were warned against going out shopping and using public transport near the capital’s centre, causing panick and worry among many shoppers that night. Even though there was no attack attempted on the public, people everywhere were terrified at the mere possibility of such a thing.
However, we cannot allow this to make us live our lives in terror. Instead, we must stand united and live our lives to the fullest, learning from these attacks, but not hiding in fear because of them.