On the 7th of November 2017, Tyson went missing. He is one of many cats who live domestically in the area, safely with loving families. However, at around 12:00am he disappeared.

The grey, male, short-haired animal was last seen on Chertsey Road, Twickenham, close to his home. The family have secured over 25 posters onto lampposts in the area, clearly explaining key details and including the fact that he is thankfully microchipped. As a community, it is known by residents that adventurous cats enjoy exploring their fellow mate’s homes. Open sheds and garages may seem intriguing but sadly they can become the reason for vanishing cats.

I spoke to Mr. Brown who has a cat of his own. When asked whether he has seen Tyson recently Mr. Brown said ‘unfortunately I have not, I used to see him in my garden on many occasions however recently he has seemed to stop coming.’ Mr. Brown has since contacted his close neighbours to ask them to check their sheds and garages.

The three-year-old male, recognised by his unique scar on one ear, is thought to be alive and well but living near the A316 and other busy roads is dangerous for cats who like to wander.

If you have witnessed or heard anything about Tyson then call either numbers 07 708 718 485 or 07 856 349 618.