Croydon is currently undergoing a series of refurbishments managed by the Croydon Council and despite having many similar projects in the past, one of its most recent announcements have attracted locals’ attention – the Transformation of Fairfield Halls” as referred to on the Croydon Council website.

Fairfield Halls is a much performance space, which has been the home of a variety of ‘art’ related media, open to the public. However, the space is perhaps more familiar to school students, as many school-based activities like concerts and performances are held here. That is why this particular redevelopment plan happens to catch the eye of younger residents.  

As of the end of November, the Ashcroft theatre’s reconstruction is very close to completion, according to council plans. The refurbishment of Fairfield Halls as a whole is scheduled to be completed by March 2018, which is mentioned on the redevelopment projects available on the Croydon Council website.

The regeneration of Fairfield halls is a project, which many locals are excited about and hope to be able to utilise the facilities for a long time to come.

Aashna Keswani, 

Croydon High School