On the 25th of November, Notre Dame’s young enterprise team ‘Deer Darling’ took to the streets of Walton-On-Thames to join all of the other schools participating in the young enterprise entrepreneurial scheme, on our inaugural sales campaign to members of the public.  Over many weeks of thorough and careful planning to formulate the most organised rota as possible, we finally decided upon the members of our team that would represent us as a budding student business, in the Walton Christmas fair. 

             The initial exhilaration quickly diminished over the hours of my shift of 8:30 till 8:30 (side note--extensive working hours I know, but I volunteered as I live local, but I did get an hour and a half lunch break) and with a little help from the new faces of my team every so often, for new shifts in the rota (bringing a new surge of enthusiasm) and a couple of mandatory Starbucks runs, we enthused, enticed and convinced many to buy our hand-made, hand-painted and drawn, glow in the dark, seasonal mugs. The relentless sales my team and I had made throughout the day paid off, and at 8:20 I made our last sale of the day, selling the last two of the mugs we had at the fair with us.

              Overall the experience of selling to members of the public was so entertaining for all of us, the constructive criticisms they passed were great to consider for our next selling event in Woking, this coming Saturday, and countless memories were made, it was a fantastic event and a great experience that has definitely interested me in investigating into business related opportunities in the future.