Music. A way of life for some people, and for others a way of expressing themselves. It plays a role in everyone’s lives, and its importance in the world cannot be underestimated. 

However, the industry has vastly changed over the last couple of decades, and many believe for the worse. The glitz and glamour, as well as the money, has perhaps become more important than performing for the love and passion of it. 

Gone are the days when up-and-coming artists travelled around the country, performing anywhere they could, to make a living and try to make a name for themselves. Some think that very few famous artists are now able to say that they have reached the top because of their musical ability, but rather their choice of clothing and in many cases, love interests. 

A man who knows exactly what it is like to have learnt to go their own way in the industry, and not rely upon anyone else for help, is South London’s David Brooks. 

Having decided that he was determined to do something great with his voice and acoustic guitar, Brooks made the bold decision to leave his family in Yorkshire and join a band in London. What he went onto achieve in the following years was remarkable, and he himself will admit how surprised he was at the success he is still enjoying today. 

In 1974, Brooks was responsible for the hit theme tune to the popular fly-on-the-wall documentary- “The Family”. It was a sure sign that at the tender age of twenty three, he would go onto achieve great things. Especially when you consider that this piece was produced in three hours, which nowadays would be unheard of. Sure enough, over the next twenty years he would compose the music for “Forty Minutes” and “Romer’s Egypt”, amongst others.

You would think that Brooks would therefore say that touring Europe in the back of a Transit van and performing in front of a dozen people was worth it, but he would say it was even if he was not so successful.

Maybe we owe it to people like Mr Brooks to not forget those who have tried so hard to make it easier for people to follow in their footsteps.