Hammersmith Fireworks- An Evening to Remember!

    On the 4th of November 2017, Hammersmith held its annual fireworks display in Ravenscourt Park. The night was complete with food stalls, fairground rides, both a children's display and main display and even a vintage-style carousel. 

    Guy Fawkes night is a commemoration of the failed gunpowder plot on the 5th of November 1605. The gunpowder plot was an attempt to overthrow parliament and King James I by setting off explosives underneath the House of Lords. The plot was caught and Guy Fawkes was arrested, and the 5th of November is now more commonly known as Bonfire Night. 

    The event, which has been an annual occurrence for several years now, was held in Ravenscourt Park, and celebrated Guy Fawkes night 2017. With doors opening at 6, there were many food stalls selling treats from hot dogs to candy floss, and the fairground rides were able to cater to all ages, with smaller rides for young children and faster, more daring rides for the thrill seekers. Among these was a haunted house, and also a wonderful vintage- style carousel, which was a fun attraction for all demographics. 

    By 7:15, it was time for the children’s display to begin, which lasted half an hour and ended at 7:45. Next it was time for the main display, which started at 8, and lasted throughout the hour until 9. Both displays were a wonderful sight which earned some excellent reactions from the crowd. 

One young person named Lucy said that the main display was “absolutely amazing, it was such a great exhibit to watch!”

By Prisca Romano-Stuart, Gumley House School.