On 5th November Imber Court staged the biggest firework display in Surrey this year, yet  due to the seemingly overpriced tickets have people been put off?

Parked cars began to occupy nearby streets at around 6pm, as people of all ages streamed towards the field. The bonfire was then lit 30 minutes later as crowds continued to flood past the Met Police football ground towards the entrance gates. The UK's 'best' Jess Glynne tribute was booming out of the many speakers surrounding the field, the noise was surprisingly said to be heard from as far as 3 kilometers away from Imber Court. Therefore the sounds 50 meters away were almost deafening and there was no escape from the constant noise - except for leaving the venue. Also, the quality of the singing wasn't the best and her voice barely resembled that of Jess Glynne's; this opinion was shared by the majority of an unimpressed crowd. Additionally, inside the field there was a mixed selection of typical amusement park rides, including a ghost train and teacups.

However, the main event dazzled the crowd into forgetting the disappointment of the previous entertainment. The 20 minute display left them in awe, with the finale lighting up the sky in an array of colour. The display was mainly well planned and engineered; except for a slight hiccup, in which a rogue 'comet' drifted down into a group of onlookers. After the main event ended people began to rapidly accumulate at the two exits available. Even though the event closed at 21:30, by as soon as 20:30 the field appeared to have more litter in it than people.

After a mixed evening of entertainment the majority of people would have left questioning whether to revisit in a year's time. The entry fee was a noticeably high £9, all the rides were at least £2 and the food and drink offered wasn't cheap - for the quality of the produce! Is it right that a family should be paying upwards of £50 for a fun, unique and traditional night out? 

Residents of the area seemed elated at their free annual display as they watched from their windows, balconies and drives; with a couple of drives covered with viewers, eagerly anticipating a cost free spectacle. When asked a local exclaimed that it was 'an amazing event and that the community should embrace the event, instead of seeing it as a hindrance and an increased amount of traffic' after this she smugly added 'especially as it costs us nothing!' However, as more people loiter in nearby streets to observe the fireworks, could we see the event lose popularity or even stop? Will the prices then be lowered to draw in more? Hopefully, as this annual event continues to attract plenty of families and teenagers across parts of Surrey and South London looking for a cheap, enjoyable and entertaining show.