Christmas is fastly approaching meaning - for most people - the christmas holidays!!!

To kick off this year's Christmas season me and my friends decided to play a classic game of… bowling.

It is perfect for this time of year due to it being indoors so no matter how Britishly miserable the weather becomes, it will not matter. Even if the weather is bad, bowling alleys are not usually far from a train station or bus stop, meaning that you won't end up soggy as a poorly made cake. However, I would recommend booking in advance just so as you do not have a wasted trip. Once you're there and get stuck into your game you can almost feel the competitiveness ooze out of your pores. Even if you're not the greatest bowler you can put the humiliation saving bumpers up to help you along the way to victory. With a game of bowling not lasting as long as a game of monopoly, it doesn't have to be a day trip out that costs the world - just maybe an hour or two.

Although the main thing to do there is bowling if that's not for all, then there is arcades, filled with more games than you'll know what to do with. With this being a perfect idea for a game with either family or friends, either can become foe in the game, what are you waiting for? It is better than all sitting around bored.

You can strike this off your list.