With the famous voice of Brian Blessed, this show was down to be a winner. From the moment the lights went down, attentive eyes were immediately drawn to the stage.

The show follows the story of a young boy who runs away to the circus. Circus Marigny. He is welcomed with enthusiasm and is invited to watch the acts: a beautiful pair of Flamenco dancers, stomping and clapping to the music; an incredible contortionist her flexibility sending a shiver down your spine and an amusing performance from the African Acrobats, tumbling over each other and  somersaulting off the floor.

The boy, Sunny, soon falls in love with the owners daughter, Chloe. There is a beautiful scene when the two sing together of their future. Chloe then goes to bed but Sunny stays in the circus tent. As he is falling asleep, he hears a voice from behind the forbidden curtain. He dares open it and to the unexpected audience there stands a mighty gorilla. Gor.

The next morning however, all the money for the circus has disappeared, again...
The blame is wrongly placed on Sunny and he is banished from the circus and his new friend, the gorilla. His compelling adventure draws to a close as the real thief is caught and the show ends with Gor, Sunny and Chloe singing a beautiful song together.

The magnificent show is full of incredible circus acts, not only the ones already mentioned but also a juggler who could juggle more balls than one can count; a mesmerising aerial pair who swung through the air performing amazing feats, held together by only a ribbon and a clown who turns out to be... you have to go and watch to find out!

The snow gorilla is a true Christmas delight, perfect for a family day out. The rose theatre in Kingston has put on a wonderful show full of amazing circus acts and many puns to add humour to the show. I for one strongly recommend it and one girl who went to see it said:
'It is different to any show I have ever seen before, it is like the circus with a magical story running through it. It is the most amazing thing I have ever watched!'