The sky is blue. Water is wet. Milton Keynes is horrible. Oxford United will never lose to AFC Wimbledon.

Up until yesterday, all of the above were solid-gold certainties.

The sky is still blue. Water is still wet. Milton Keynes is still, and forever will be, horrible.

But you can strike the last one off your list because finally, at the 13th time of asking, Wimbledon have beaten Oxford.

Shane Warne had Daryl Cullinan, Pete Sampras had Andre Agassi and Oxford had us.

We were their "bunny"; one point was always the best we could hope for against our tormentors in chief.

Which all means Sunday’s result, a resounding 3-1 success, blew our collective socks off.

I spent most of the match assuming I was either a) still asleep and this was all one big dream or b) unwittingly involved in a large-scale, highly-complex, multi-faceted prank.

I was half-expecting Ant & Dec to pop out, with their little giggling Geordie faces, and tell me I was live on Saturday Night Takeaway.

But it was real. It did happen. Wimbledon did beat Oxford. And yes, I am looking out the window every five minutes for signs of flying pigs. Can you blame me?

And what a way to end the hoodoo. Three goals at their place before half-time, including two of the highest quality (Darius Charles’ hit, the cleanest strike by a Wimbledon defender since Sim Johnston against Hartley Witney, was one to savour); some real aggression, reminiscent of ‘old’ Wimbledon; a proper work ethic from front to back.

All-in-all a great team performance, and we really are ticking at the moment.

Unbeaten in five, two wins a row, one loss in the past 10 games… League One is finally starting to see the side that stormed to promotion last season.

Oh, and we’re also up to 10th in the table and above Milton Keynes. I don’t know if anyone noticed…?

All I’m going to say is; Pete Winkleman. Pete, mate. Petey-boy. Pete, old buddy, old pal.

Is this what you envisaged your ‘footballing frenzy’ would look like? Sat two places below a “pub-team from Kingston”? Mhmm. Thought not.

Raj Parker and Steve Stride. Our mates Raj and Steve. Cc The FA.

Lads, are you sure, like: are you still entirely sure, this new Wimbledon team isn’t in the wider interests of football? Like, for real? Mhmm. Thought not.

Wimbledon fans; if your boss is making you print out yet another copy of yet another proposal; if your teacher is setting you extra homework; if you’re just having "one of those days".

Have a peek at the League One table. Look at where we are. Drink it in. Enjoy it. I guarantee you it will brighten up your day.

For the first time this season, I feel like we’ve finally arrived. Wimbledon haven’t come to take part; Wimbledon have come to take over.