Some could point to the five minute half-time break for Scottish's defeat at Jersey on Saturday, others would point to the power of the Jersey pack.

Due to travel arrangements getting back from island the half-time break was cut to just five-minutes, although it had no real bearing on the outcome as Jersey were too strong.

The game kicked off in good, clear conditions at the Stade Santander International; Scottish dominated early possession, and territory. Eliet was a constant threat throughout the game with his carrying ability, and kept Scottish on the front foot.

However, it was the Reds that got on the scoreboard first via a set-piece after ten minutes, and Jerseys set-pieces would ultimately let them run away with the game. From a 5m line out, Scottish were shunted backwards, Selway scoring the first of a hat trick of tries. No conversion, LSFC 0-5 Jersey.

Perry narrowed the score to just two points with a penalty, but the Reds scored almost immediately after. From a missed penalty, Jersey went quickly & ghosted through the centre of the park as Scottish had totally switched off, before they knew what they were doing Waters had crossed to score. Penberthy converted this time, LSFC 3-12 after 17 minutes.

More possession & territory from Scottish, but they were unable to convert this into points. Jersey weren’t having the same problem, from another 5m line out Selway was bundled over the line to score. Another conversion, LSFC 3-19 Reds with 26 minutes played.

Scottish eventually made their pressure count, from a 5m line out the catch & drive went nowhere, Hoadley fired it to Mosses who carried into contact; the ball was recycled and Hoadley went alone through the gap in the defence. Perry converted, LSFC 10-19 Reds. The score didn’t change before halftime despite the best efforts of Eliet, Mosses, Davidson, and Marley in attack.

After a five minute half time, the players were back out and the Reds got on the scoresheet straight away. That set-piece worked for Selway a third time, as he completed his hat trick. No conversion, LSFC 10-24 after 41 minutes.

More Scottish dominance, but no clinical finishing followed over the next ten minutes. The Reds kept the score board ticking over through a simple penalty for Penberthy. Further dominance from Scottish, Eliet causing all sorts of problems for the Reds defence, but the whole team were just a bit off the pace and could not make their dominance count. Scottish conceded a penalty, so the Reds went for another 5m line out & just about everyone in the stadium knew what was coming. The catch and drive went to the line, MacFarlane holding the ball as the maul crossed. Penberthy converted, LSFC 10-34 Reds with 10 minutes left to play.

A few minutes later, a carbon copy; 5m line out, catch & drive, MacFarlane getting his second try, with a Penberthy conversion. LSFC 10-41 Reds with 77 minutes played.

That was how it ended, despite the difficult prep that London Scottish had to endure ahead of the game, they will feel bitterly disappointed that they were not able to convert their long periods of dominance into more points. Another strong performance from Eliet again, as well as Theo Vukasinovic who was making his first ever start for the club.