In our latest edition we speak to Michael Goodchild of Old Guildfordians to guide us through his club.

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League: The Amateur Football Combination. The 1st XI play in the 3rd South Division and the 2nd XI play in the 8th South.

Location: Stoke Park, Guildford, Surrey

Who is the longest servant? That would be Hugh Shipton. Hugh is in his seventies now has been at the club for nearly 50 years, first of all as a centre back before getting involved behind the scenes. He juggles refereeing matches when we play at Stoke Park with being Chairman and Treasurer of the club and comes to watch any home games when he isn’t refereeing. The club would certainly be very different without him here.

How many members are in the club? We have about 60-70, 25 or so are regulars with the remaining more occasional players.

Best player: Of the players I’ve played with in the 2s who are no longer playing a South African guy called Duncan Wicht stands out, who was a friend of one of our defenders. He played in midfield. I remember one game he played in central midfield and spent more or less the whole game running box to box, scored twice and played an absolute blinder. After the game he slumped on the floor exhausted and apologised for running out of steam towards the end, only he’d run a half marathon earlier that morning!

He sadly only played for us about 4 times because his friend moved away and he didn’t want to play without him. OH BLESS

Worst player: I do remember a few years ago we had a full back who was a little maladroit and couldn’t do the basics such as complete a five-yard pass to his own team mate. But he played nearly every week due to a lack of players at the time.

He had the unfortunate habit of scoring own goals, such as the time when our keeper made a save and instead of doing the sensible thing of clearing the ball with his left foot he awkwardly contorted his body so he could hit it with his right foot and ended up prodding the ball past his own.

Biggest Achievements: A couple of seasons ago the 1st XI won a league and cup double. They won 15 out of their 18 league matches and topped that off with victory in the Spring Cup. I think the 2s also deserve a mention for getting promoted at the end of the 2013-14 season by finishing second in their league, something that I’m proud to be able to claim a part in. GLORY HUNTER

Most memorable moment: Meeting a former England manager at an end of season dinner was quite exciting!

Last summer Roy Hodgson walked into the restaurant where we were having our end of season dinner, the Rose Valley in Guildford. We were sat by the window and saw him walk in, and he very graciously agreed to have a photo taken with us all. He was a complete gentleman and even turned down the offer of a drink from us as a thank you!

Biggest defeat: A combined XI lost 15-1 to Wokingians III in a pre-season friendly last summer. They were several leagues above us and it was a huge mismatch. It was so bad I was actually asked not to put the score on our club twitter account…

Biggest win: The 2nd XI won 11-0 against Old Meadonians IX towards the end last season, a game I actually played in! It was as close to a perfect performance I have ever seen from an OGs team, we just overwhelmed them. A shout-out should go out to goalkeeper James Aston who saved a penalty in the first half, and then played outfield in the second half and scored five times! NOT A MISS-MATCH THEN?

Seasons aims: The 1s hope to put up a promotion challenge, having been relegated at the end of last season. I think the 2s have built something quite good over the past 18 months so watch this space...

Biggest rivals: The 2s’ big rivals are Old Meadonians, because our captain and one or two others used to play for them and still know some of the players. Those games can often be quite feisty as a result and is why that 11-0 win last season made it even sweeter. But things are generally amicable once we’re off the pitch.

Why should people come to your clubhouse: I promise that the view over Stoke Park as the sun sets is quite stunning. On top of that the price of beer is slightly cheaper than most of the teams in the Amateur Football Combination as we’re based in Surrey rather than London like the vast majority of teams! HOW ROMANTIC

Why is your club special: We’re not as big as some of the other clubs out there who have 8-9 teams, we just have two teams having had six about ten years ago. But as a result, I think the bond between the players and both teams is quite strong and we all get on quite well, something the two captains have noticed growing stronger over the past 18 months or so. This is something that I think could be missing at the bigger clubs as there can be little interaction between say the 1st XI and the 9th XI, and I think it has helped create a friendly atmosphere at the club.

My club in less than 10 words: Welcoming, easy-going, tight-knit, and most importantly; friendly.