As the amateur leagues get under way across London, we will be looking into your clubs.

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Kicking off this week is Old Thorntonians fifth team and their manager, Richard Lundie.  

My Club: Old Thorntonians FC 5th XI

Club Name: Old Thorntonians FC

Nickname: ‘The Onions,’ because I misspelt the club name on some official team wear once and called us Old Thorntonions and had 100 hoodies made with it on

League: The Amateur Football Combination (AFC)

Location: Our clubhouse is on Wimbledon Common, London SW15

Latest Result: 3-1 win at Old Sinjuns.

What is your role at the club?

I am the 5th XI player manager, former clubhouse manager, general handyman.

How long have you been at the club?

21 years not out.

Who is the longest servant?

Mike Surridge. He’s 83. I’m not sure when he joined but he’s a former player who still comes to watch every home game, wind, rain or shine.

He played for us until he was around 50 years old and is constantly bringing new photos from old tours and putting them up in the clubhouse, he’s an all-round nice guy.

Who’s the best player you’ve had at your club?

I’ve seen a few over the years but Michael Borkowski, who played for Hertha Berlin, he used to deliver sausages from Germany to London and when he was in the country he played the odd game for the ones, he was class. He also invited us over to Berlin for a summer tour which was probably the best one we have ever had, we got thrashed in the fixture over there but what a weekend!

Who is the worst player you’ve had?

I can’t call out my mates like that, but a bloke called Sean played for us about 15 years ago. I remember one game he was stand in goalkeeper for the first half in Epsom. He had 4 cans of Super Skol whilst in goal, then he came out on pitch second half, ran down the line and just collapsed as he was running. The opposition couldn’t stop laughing so we subbed him off and that was the last game he played for us.

Biggest Achievements?

I was lucky enough to be involved in winning promotion to the AFC premier league, I believe it’s the first time we ever made it (I stand to be corrected). The club have won a few cups recently too, so things are going form strength to strength.

Most memorable moment at the club?

The move to our current clubhouse after decades of moving around various Merton council football pitches.

The previous chairman of our club donated some money to us as he emigrated to Australia and we used that (and lots of hard work from volunteer members at the club) to renovate the clubhouse and turn it into the terrific bar it is today. Long gone are the days of the crazy gang of Wimbledon FC fighting each other in the changing rooms, and hiding each other’s clothes whilst in the showers, but we try our best to carry on the tradition ;)

A special mention must go to Nathan Gilligan and Stuart Halliday for their hard work with the club house.

Clubs claim to fame?

Jimmy Hill being the former Chairman I’d say.

Biggest defeat?

Probably 5 nil or something.

Biggest win?

We won 14-1 in a friendly once, I scored 5 goals, so I’ll never forget that. I think we have had bigger wins but I can’t remember them. Convenient

Aims for the season?

6 Titles as always, but in reality the fifth’s need to improve on last season as we were almost relegated, but I’m convinced 3-5-2 is going to be the answer to a successful season for us this season, mark my words!

Biggest rivals?

Tenisonian’s, they used to be our neighbours and they have nicked a few of our players over the years. They’re a good bunch of lads in reality but you’ve got to have an enemy – they probably quite like us for all I know!

Why should people come to your clubhouse?

Come down and have a drink, we have a bar license since last season and its recently renovated, join in the endless fun and support the mighty Onions!

Why my club is special?

We have a multicultural mix of players from all over the globe, our summer trials are immense, the social side of things is what keeps players wanting to join and become OT’s players, not to mention the ‘banter’ in our club is top-notch.

One of the main things people love about the club is the OTPI system I introduced at our club – the Old Thorntonians Player Index, recording players stats each week across 6 squads.

We then hold awards for OTPI Midfielder of the year, OTPI team of the year etc, it’s an honour to win as it means you are the pound-for-pound best player in your position in the club. Is that sad?

Your club in no more than 10 words….

Friendly, forward thinking, welcoming and above all.. good fun.

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