A Surrey football league has been selected by the Football Association to trial temporary dismissals – or ‘sin bins’ this season.

Surrey Primary League, one of 32 leagues announced, will be part of the pilot scheme that will apply to all age groups ranging from under 7s to under 18s.

It will apply to SPL matches, including cup and trophy ties, but not county cup fixtures.

A statement on SPL’s website said: “The aim of the pilot is to learn from a controlled environment and evaluate whether sin bins successfully reduce the level of dissent.

“Participating leagues have the opportunity to provide feedback to FA committees which in turn will be fed back to the International Football Association Board (IFAB).

“It is also essential to point out that the pilot does not require referees to adopt a different interpretation of dissent – otherwise it might be impossible to evaluate its effectiveness – it is the sanction for dissent that is changing, not how referees determine the offence.”

In March 2017, the IFAB gave approval to national associations to use temporary dismissals either for all cautions or for selected cautions.

Subsequently, the FA agreed that the pilot would be for dissent only and be confined to clubs at step 7 – or county leagues – and below.

The framework has been set out and may not be altered, but comments will be analysed throughout the 2017/18 campaign and contribute to the eventual submission of the league in May.

The FA is also running a number of online training sessions.

To register for an event, click on a date and you will be redirected to the registration process for that date.

It is recommended that at least one representative of each club logs in for one of the club training sessions.

For more information, visit: www.surreyprimaryleague.com/the-fa-sin-bin-temporary-dismissals-plot