Tim Allardyce is heading to the Rio Olympics, but not as an athlete rather as someone who looks after the athletes.

The clinical director of Sutton-based Surrey Physio has been selected to be part of the volunteer medical team based inside the Olympic Park.

Dealing with the highly-tuned athletes is not new to Allardyce as this will be his third tour of Olympic duty.

He said: “It’s a great honour to be volunteering again at the Olympics, and I will be looking after athletes from many of the smaller nations.

“I am so exciting to be going to Rio, and I am looking forward to the Brazilian buzz."

It is not all joyful celebrations however, as Allardyce has good reason to want to stay at home rather than be on the other side of the Atlantic for four weeks.

He added: "On the downside I will dearly miss my baby boy George who is only eight months old.

“But there is nothing like it, working with the world’s best athletes, and working with a fantastic team."

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